2011 Job Leads

Job No: 595 Job Description:Floor
Job No: 582 Job Description:removing bush trees in back garden
Job No: 578 Job Description:need 20 pages document typed
Job No: 562 Job Description:walls insulation in detached 3 beds bungalow
Job No: 554 Job Description:Fit gas boiler
Job No: 519 Job Description:leadflashing / slating
Job No: 518 Job Description:replacement facia boards and guttters
Job No: 517 Job Description:Back Garden paved/landscaped
Job No: 516 Job Description:Replace gutters
Job No: 514 Job Description:Alarm system/installation for prewired home
Job No: 513 Job Description:fascia and gutters on new house
Job No: 512 Job Description:Planning Application
Job No: 511 Job Description:House Cleaning
Job No: 510 Job Description:remove coal fire and replace with gas fire
Job No: 509 Job Description:shower and tiles
Job No: 507 Job Description:Draw existing house with plans for sceptic system
Job No: 506 Job Description:New build clean
Job No: 505 Job Description:full width extension including kitchen, family roo
Job No: 504 Job Description:To draw up a landscape plan
Job No: 503 Job Description:Building surveyor for a house
Job No: 502 Job Description:office cleaning
Job No: 501 Job Description:cutting and shaping
Job No: 500 Job Description:felt roof for porch
Job No: 499 Job Description:house cleaning
Job No: 498 Job Description:heating, plumbing solar
Job No: 497 Job Description:Facias soffts, etc
Job No: 494 Job Description:need few shruberies in back garden, also need part
Job No: 493 Job Description:General Secreterial Work
Job No: 492 Job Description:All GP labels
Job No: 491 Job Description:Survey on second hand house
Job No: 490 Job Description:New internal doors fitted
Job No: 489 Job Description:Gutters, facias down pipes and roof to garage
Job No: 488 Job Description:Need a new kitchen supplied and fittes
Job No: 487 Job Description:Survey of house in Co Clare prior to purchase
Job No: 486 Job Description:smal attic conversion
Job No: 485 Job Description:green areas in estate to be mowed and stgrimmed
Job No: 484 Job Description:Remove and replace guttering, fascia & soffits
Job No: 483 Job Description:Cleaners to clean up after building work
Job No: 482 Job Description:to sort out the front garden of the house.
Job No: 480 Job Description:pruning of some trees
Job No: 479 Job Description:hedge cutting, grass cutting plant swap
Job No: 478 Job Description:ber assessor for house
Job No: 477 Job Description:Retention for temporary stucture planning permissi
Job No: 476 Job Description:Clear out overgrown garden and set grass seed
Job No: 475 Job Description:insulation survey/job
Job No: 474 Job Description:Wooden ladder
Job No: 473 Job Description:planning application
Job No: 472 Job Description:Annual tax return (Form 11)
Job No: 470 Job Description:drawings for 40sq/m extention onto garage
Job No: 469 Job Description:unsure about a couple of questions on tax return
Job No: 468 Job Description:paving/tarmac
Job No: 467 Job Description:church heating upgrade
Job No: 466 Job Description:key broke in lock front door
Job No: 465 Job Description:supply and fit 3 bedroom doors
Job No: 464 Job Description:landscaping advice
Job No: 463 Job Description:year end accounts for sole trader
Job No: 462 Job Description:time switch for emmersion a
Job No: 461 Job Description:facia and soffit pvc
Job No: 459 Job Description:Plasterer new build
Job No: 458 Job Description:New build
Job No: 455 Job Description:build a house
Job No: 454 Job Description:back garden pathed/cermented
Job No: 453 Job Description:CUTTING HEDGE
Job No: 451 Job Description:knock & rebuild wall with foundations-4 to 5 metr
Job No: 449 Job Description:Replace wooden fascias and soffits with UPVC
Job No: 448 Job Description:4 or 6 month time
Job No: 447 Job Description:stairs made
Job No: 446 Job Description:groundworks
Job No: 445 Job Description:General Tidy up of Back Garden and to lay bricks a
Job No: 443 Job Description:I need a tree trimmed back
Job No: 442 Job Description:BER Assessment on a 3 bedroom semi-detatched house
Job No: 441 Job Description:finish off house
Job No: 439 Job Description:Central Heating System
Job No: 437 Job Description:line marking in a car park
Job No: 436 Job Description:replace existing gutters and fascia on house
Job No: 435 Job Description:BER Assessment
Job No: 434 Job Description:Kitchen cabinet repair
Job No: 433 Job Description:bar cleaning
Job No: 432 Job Description:BER certificate
Job No: 431 Job Description:kitchen cupboards,
Job No: 430 Job Description:Need banisters
Job No: 429 Job Description:building a housed
Job No: 428 Job Description:gutters,facias and soffits
Job No: 426 Job Description:build a 40x30 building with cavity wall
Job No: 425 Job Description:Insulation
Job No: 424 Job Description:Fix bathroom sensor
Job No: 423 Job Description:Once off house cleaning
Job No: 422 Job Description:pvc fascia boards and gutters
Job No: 421 Job Description:replace existing fascia and soffit with pvc
Job No: 420 Job Description:payroll/vat/and end of year accounts/
Job No: 417 Job Description:Attic staircase, permanent, not styra.
Job No: 416 Job Description:gutter repair.
Job No: 415 Job Description:add decorative cladding/trim to existing fascia
Job No: 414 Job Description:bonded bead wall insulation
Job No: 412 Job Description:BER cert
Job No: 411 Job Description:box made
Job No: 410 Job Description:Exterior Insulation
Job No: 408 Job Description:Garden/trees and boundaries cut back
Job No: 407 Job Description:pvc fascia & soffit and insulation
Job No: 406 Job Description:hall plastered
Job No: 405 Job Description:supply and fit a secure rear garden door with chub
Job No: 404 Job Description:house cleaning
Job No: 403 Job Description:quoat for approx 60ft guttering and 4 downpipes
Job No: 401 Job Description:BER Cert
Job No: 400 Job Description:require plan for kitchen extension ground floor to
Job No: 397 Job Description:Attic Conversion
Job No: 396 Job Description:removal of a large tree in driveway
Job No: 395 Job Description:Tullamore Credit Union office cleaning
Job No: 394 Job Description:Level Survey for house and surrounds
Job No: 393 Job Description:conservartory/sunroom
Job No: 392 Job Description:boiler installation
Job No: 391 Job Description:doors fitted and supplied
Job No: 390 Job Description:Architects plan/drawing for extension
Job No: 389 Job Description:Fitted Wardrode
Job No: 388 Job Description:I want my attic and walls insulated
Job No: 386 Job Description:Staircase
Job No: 385 Job Description:Repair Door Jamb
Job No: 384 Job Description:house extention
Job No: 382 Job Description:5 x Shelves to be cut and put up in childs bedroom
Job No: 381 Job Description:i would like to do a loft conversion
Job No: 380 Job Description:conservetory rebuild
Job No: 379 Job Description:Clean 3 bedroom house -- 2 floors.
Job No: 378 Job Description:landscaping high level design for planning applica
Job No: 377 Job Description:3 Bed house, end of tenancy clean. Once off
Job No: 376 Job Description:Building work
Job No: 375 Job Description:Building work
Job No: 374 Job Description:repair bed leg
Job No: 373 Job Description:Gutters
Job No: 372 Job Description:prepair plans for planning
Job No: 371 Job Description:re-roof existing 3 bedrooms dwelling
Job No: 370 Job Description:front sliding patio door
Job No: 368 Job Description:House cleaning incl kitchen & bathroom 2h p/wk
Job No: 366 Job Description:extension to side and rear of S/D house
Job No: 365 Job Description:garage door into red brick window ,door,roof
Job No: 364 Job Description:thinking of remodelling kitchen/extenstion
Job No: 363 Job Description:Certificate of compliance & exemption
Job No: 362 Job Description:Put laminate flooring on steps change banisters
Job No: 360 Job Description:garden maintance
Job No: 359 Job Description:JANITORIAL SERVICES
Job No: 358 Job Description:Gutter Replacements for front and back of house
Job No: 356 Job Description:New PVC facia and soffit and refit existing gutter
Job No: 354 Job Description:replace timber soffit and fascia on 6 yr old hse
Job No: 353 Job Description:replace facias and soffits, possibly gutters
Job No: 352 Job Description:Repace old gutters fascia soffit and down pipes
Job No: 350 Job Description:find/fix leak,new rad,no water in any of the rads
Job No: 349 Job Description:floor and walls of bathroom
Job No: 347 Job Description:Weekly house clean
Job No: 346 Job Description:Restaurant fit out
Job No: 345 Job Description:Cleaning & Ironing
Job No: 344 Job Description:bathroom press fitted beneath the sink
Job No: 343 Job Description:Fascia, guttering and down pipes
Job No: 342 Job Description:cost to replace gutters at above address
Job No: 340 Job Description:Supply and fit wideplank solid oak flooring 55m Sq
Job No: 339 Job Description:To clean 40 windows both internally and externally
Job No: 338 Job Description:Approx. 5 sq m wall to be tiled
Job No: 337 Job Description:build a wall
Job No: 336 Job Description:Clean a house
Job No: 335 Job Description:Existing emersion to be replaced
Job No: 334 Job Description:gas boiler and heating controls upgrade
Job No: 333 Job Description:Skimming of walls
Job No: 332 Job Description:Re-wire a house
Job No: 331 Job Description:put facia and sofits
Job No: 329 Job Description:Paint outside of house
Job No: 328 Job Description:guttering &fascia repaired/replaced
Job No: 327 Job Description:Wooden Fence in my Back Garden
Job No: 325 Job Description:Basic attic conversion for use as an office.
Job No: 324 Job Description:Attic stairs
Job No: 323 Job Description:Asphalt driveway approx 300 sq m.
Job No: 322 Job Description:Attic Conversion Quote with and without Dormer
Job No: 321 Job Description:GARDEN SHED BUILT
Job No: 320 Job Description:Low maintence garden quote for medium sized garden
Job No: 319 Job Description:Tile 3 sq m of walls in downstairs toilets
Job No: 318 Job Description:fascia and soffit on a 3 bed end of terrace house
Job No: 316 Job Description:Clean a 2 bed house
Job No: 315 Job Description:House Cleaning after Building work
Job No: 314 Job Description:relocate boiler and hot press
Job No: 312 Job Description:AS BELOW
Job No: 311 Job Description:Need internal work to be done in bedroom wardrobe,
Job No: 310 Job Description:planning adive
Job No: 309 Job Description:Remove sink + WC + Radiator and fit new
Job No: 308 Job Description:Automatic Gates
Job No: 307 Job Description:One off cleaning
Job No: 306 Job Description:conseratory
Job No: 305 Job Description:Revamp house
Job No: 303 Job Description:stairs to be manufactured
Job No: 302 Job Description:cost of fitting new boiler
Job No: 300 Job Description:I need back anf front garden cut.
Job No: 299 Job Description:install recessed light fittings
Job No: 297 Job Description:gutting and extension of property
Job No: 296 Job Description:underfloor heating for 3 beds house
Job No: 295 Job Description:Drawing of a driveway to apply for planning permis
Job No: 294 Job Description:Auditors report for management company. we have a
Job No: 293 Job Description:clean my house - Hover, dust, wash floors, etc
Job No: 291 Job Description:Certificate of Compliance for house extension
Job No: 289 Job Description:I want Design advice for a new build
Job No: 288 Job Description:Vat Return and Tax accounts for a small business
Job No: 287 Job Description:replacement roof on garage,understairs toilet
Job No: 286 Job Description:conservatory
Job No: 285 Job Description:Weekly House Cleaning
Job No: 284 Job Description:Sun room 20ft * 10ft
Job No: 282 Job Description:typist for 15,000 words handwritten document
Job No: 281 Job Description:Install B&Q wood garden shed of 3 metres square
Job No: 280 Job Description:fascia and soffit on a three bed semi with garage
Job No: 278 Job Description:wire new 3 bed house
Job No: 277 Job Description:i would like the glass changed in all my doors dow
Job No: 276 Job Description:Facia Boards
Job No: 275 Job Description:Facia Boards
Job No: 274 Job Description:attic conversion
Job No: 273 Job Description:tile batroom floor and walls, approx. 8 sq m
Job No: 272 Job Description:Gutters
Job No: 270 Job Description:Cartoon for wedding invite
Job No: 269 Job Description:outside insulation
Job No: 268 Job Description:Ber cert
Job No: 266 Job Description:renovation of existing house
Job No: 265 Job Description:Once off domestic clean - approx 3 hours
Job No: 264 Job Description:cleaning, hoovering, dusting house for rent
Job No: 262 Job Description:looking at cost for adding ram to my pc
Job No: 260 Job Description:full clean of 3 beds house
Job No: 259 Job Description:quote neded for facia, soffit & guttering
Job No: 257 Job Description:remove large palm tree stump
Job No: 253 Job Description:want 2hve a full snaglist for my house in Maynooth
Job No: 252 Job Description:House extension
Job No: 249 Job Description:Fasica and soffit on new building
Job No: 247 Job Description:Remove tiled floor & replace with lino
Job No: 246 Job Description:Insulate walls & attic in terraced hoiuse
Job No: 245 Job Description:new gutters etc
Job No: 241 Job Description:Repair Nitendo DSI push-button
Job No: 240 Job Description:Supply and fit replacement timber door in kitchen
Job No: 232 Job Description:sunroom
Job No: 231 Job Description:ground floor remodeling and extension
Job No: 230 Job Description:lawns,shrubs,trees cut back-250ft garden
Job No: 229 Job Description:small cobble lock addition to existing front drive
Job No: 226 Job Description:new flooring in room size 15.58m2
Job No: 225 Job Description:re design of back garden small space
Job No: 224 Job Description:remove sink and toilet and blank pipes
Job No: 220 Job Description:drawing for extension at rear of house
Job No: 217 Job Description:27m seamless guttering 12m downpipe
Job No: 210 Job Description:Cleaning
Job No: 209 Job Description:Internal doors/ frames/ 30 min fire reses
Job No: 208 Job Description:Removal of one tree and pruning of smaller tree
Job No: 207 Job Description:Install new skirting boards/panelling around bath
Job No: 206 Job Description:Back conservatory and front door enclosure
Job No: 203 Job Description:Front wood door and frame
Job No: 201 Job Description:2hours gardening every two weeks mainly grass cut
Job No: 200 Job Description:web design
Job No: 199 Job Description:Need 5 bed house cleaned from top bottom
Job No: 198 Job Description:Cut down and remove chestnut tree from back garden
Job No: 197 Job Description:Lawn maintenance and remove tree sump
Job No: 195 Job Description:fitted wardrobe in bedroom
Job No: 193 Job Description:Surveyor Bill of quantities
Job No: 192 Job Description:Indian takeaway front sign and decoration
Job No: 191 Job Description:BER assessment and certificate
Job No: 189 Job Description:new barrol fitted in back dood
Job No: 188 Job Description:Repair to our house alarm
Job No: 186 Job Description:upvc free standing sun house/ sun room
Job No: 185 Job Description:Cleaning
Job No: 184 Job Description:2 locks for van to be done
Job No: 183 Job Description:I would like to get a solid wood kitchen painted
Job No: 182 Job Description:valuation of property
Job No: 181 Job Description:laptop keyboar repair
Job No: 177 Job Description:cleaning
Job No: 176 Job Description:small bathrrom floor tiled 3 sq metres
Job No: 174 Job Description:doors supplied and fitted
Job No: 173 Job Description:3/4 acre site to full planning permission
Job No: 172 Job Description:self build of a 1000 ft2 dormer bungalow
Job No: 171 Job Description:euclyptus tree about 40 foor need felling
Job No: 170 Job Description:need help for filling large quantities of forms
Job No: 169 Job Description:making and fitting of stairs
Job No: 168 Job Description:BER Certificate
Job No: 167 Job Description:Re skim of ceiling
Job No: 166 Job Description:cleaning
Job No: 165 Job Description:clean house for rental
Job No: 164 Job Description:We purchased a unit but have no key for rear door
Job No: 163 Job Description:removal of ivy and maybe other work depending on p
Job No: 162 Job Description:Building a website
Job No: 161 Job Description:grass cutting (approx.50 sq.metres) during growth
Job No: 160 Job Description:approx. 16 sqm of paving to lay in rear garden
Job No: 159 Job Description:tile new roof above 12 sq m extension
Job No: 158 Job Description:drain cleaning
Job No: 157 Job Description:Domestic Cleaning
Job No: 156 Job Description:Extension, single or two storey to rear of house
Job No: 155 Job Description:weekly ironing
Job No: 153 Job Description:2.5 meters of tiling,toilet is out , 6mm is down
Job No: 152 Job Description:approx. 150 sqm of lawn + hedges + remove waste
Job No: 151 Job Description:Move gas meter
Job No: 150 Job Description:price for installing windows?
Job No: 149 Job Description:new build
Job No: 148 Job Description:new build
Job No: 147 Job Description:new build
Job No: 146 Job Description:Set up Web site for Taxi service
Job No: 145 Job Description:Trim hedges and lawn maintenance
Job No: 144 Job Description:small appartment ,one bedroom.kitchen/dinning,bath
Job No: 143 Job Description:need to move 3 plugs
Job No: 139 Job Description:2 or 3 roof tiles to be repointed above fascia
Job No: 138 Job Description:Professional Tiler to tile bathroom and ensuite
Job No: 136 Job Description:small replacement job
Job No: 135 Job Description:spring clean and/or fortnightly cleaning service
Job No: 133 Job Description:Garden and landscape work
Job No: 132 Job Description:fit woodden floorboards in 2 bedroms and landing
Job No: 131 Job Description:Supply/fit doors and surrounds
Job No: 130 Job Description:domestic cleaner
Job No: 129 Job Description:Need large pine tree removed
Job No: 128 Job Description:prepare drawings for 2 houses (next door with same
Job No: 127 Job Description:General Cleaner / Housekeeper
Job No: 126 Job Description:Soil bank dug out and soil relocated. pathway prep
Job No: 125 Job Description:Domestic Houscleaning on a weekly basis
Job No: 124 Job Description:plastic roofing
Job No: 123 Job Description:House cleanning and office cleanning
Job No: 122 Job Description:typist required
Job No: 121 Job Description:Paint living room following chimney fire
Job No: 120 Job Description:Living room painted, carpet cleaned, Curtains clea
Job No: 119 Job Description:Cleaning of 1 bedroom Inc. Wardrobe organisation
Job No: 117 Job Description:replace smoke detector
Job No: 116 Job Description:tile downstairs toilet and sim upstairs all suppld
Job No: 115 Job Description:Planning and Design of Extension
Job No: 114 Job Description:Internal skimming of attic room
Job No: 113 Job Description:need key locks changed to 3 doors
Job No: 112 Job Description:bill of quantity for domestic extension
Job No: 111 Job Description:New build detached 3 bed house
Job No: 110 Job Description:Patio layed/installed
Job No: 109 Job Description:install gas central heating
Job No: 108 Job Description:Clean gutters and paint facia board small house
Job No: 107 Job Description:Accounting services.
Job No: 105 Job Description:Reconfigure and assess feasability of extension
Job No: 104 Job Description:Gardening
Job No: 103 Job Description:Build wall in front garden
Job No: 102 Job Description:mainly a design for back garden
Job No: 100 Job Description:Cutting Back Laylandi Trees
Job No: 99 Job Description:sign for shop front
Job No: 98 Job Description:repair house alarm
Job No: 97 Job Description:14ft x 12ft kitchen extension
Job No: 95 Job Description:price for small extension
Job No: 94 Job Description:Assistance for data processing
Job No: 93 Job Description:Ber cert
Job No: 91 Job Description:Roll on grass 32' x 16'
Job No: 90 Job Description:Reconstruction of boundary wall 12 - 14 feet long.
Job No: 89 Job Description:assistance to build small woodden garden shed
Job No: 82 Job Description:paving, top soil, landscape, hedge cutting
Job No: 81 Job Description:install a free standing wood burning stove no chim
Job No: 80 Job Description:cut grass in my rear garden
Job No: 79 Job Description:Once-off spring clean, windows.Possibly regular.
Job No: 78 Job Description:Rear extension on 2 storey approx 25 square metres
Job No: 77 Job Description:2 or 3 roof tiles need reponting
Job No: 75 Job Description:cleaning bad bedroom ,, and bathroom
Job No: 74 Job Description:Gas heating system for community hall
Job No: 73 Job Description:10 teak authencitic looked windows
Job No: 72 Job Description:External Painting & Plastering
Job No: 71 Job Description:Gutters/Soffits & Fascia replaced
Job No: 70 Job Description:install shower room/new floor in extension etc
Job No: 69 Job Description:One off lawn maintenance
Job No: 68 Job Description:Clear apartment and install kitchen and carpets.
Job No: 67 Job Description:Typist works
Job No: 66 Job Description:downpipe relocation
Job No: 64 Job Description:Tender for 2-storey extension
Job No: 63 Job Description:a few hours every fortnight to cleqn floors
Job No: 62 Job Description:fortnightly clean
Job No: 59 Job Description:roof tiles repair
Job No: 58 Job Description:Lay new lawn
Job No: 57 Job Description:new wash hand basin
Job No: 56 Job Description:BER cert for heating/ high efficincy boiler grant
Job No: 55 Job Description:Pre-Purchase Building Survey
Job No: 54 Job Description:Furniture/apopliances removal up and storage
Job No: 53 Job Description:lawn maintenance 100 sqm approx.
Job No: 49 Job Description:I am thinking of having a conservatory
Job No: 48 Job Description:Bathroom Light
Job No: 47 Job Description:Tiling
Job No: 44 Job Description:Need some roof tiles repointed
Job No: 41 Job Description:Cleaner
Job No: 40 Job Description:Build bespoke shelving unit
Job No: 39 Job Description:Need advice for a heat pump
Job No: 38 Job Description:wall tiling approx. 4 sq m
Job No: 37 Job Description:Build a dividing wall
Job No: 36 Job Description:House cleaner for family home
Job No: 35 Job Description:Need BER for 3 bed semi-detached house
Job No: 34 Job Description:landscape paving for a sculpture
Job No: 33 Job Description:erect a small garden shed
Job No: 32 Job Description:Tiling, kitchen, utility and toilet
Job No: 31 Job Description:need casual cleaning in a monthly basis
Job No: 29 Job Description:fit missing smoke detector
Job No: 28 Job Description:Removal of Concrete path
Job No: 27 Job Description:house extension on 2 floors
Job No: 25 Job Description:remove large tree stump, paving etc.
Job No: 24 Job Description:Soffit and Fascia timber replacement with PVC
Job No: 23 Job Description:Mowing garden lawn
Job No: 22 Job Description:patio
Job No: 21 Job Description:drawings for extension
Job No: 18 Job Description:remove old and fit new wash hand basin
Job No: 17 Job Description:Need cleaing company to claen house.
Job No: 15 Job Description:Casual office cleaning
Job No: 14 Job Description:office cleanning 3 hours per month
Job No: 13 Job Description:electric heating, new floor in one room, insulatio
Job No: 12 Job Description:Fit one spot light
Job No: 11 Job Description:Unemployed
Job No: 10 Job Description:director
Job No: 7 Job Description:data processing
Job No: 6 Job Description:computer repair
Job No: 5 Job Description:Lawn Mowing
Job No: 4 Job Description:Carpenter
Job No: 3 Job Description:Laying Floor Tiles